I participated in the 2015 Tele2 Hack Day at Tele2’s headquarters in Kista, Stockholm. Participants, mostly students, were placed in small groups and received a huge set of data on Tele2’s departments. The data was a mess; basically our job was to find something interesting to do with it. Our group won the hackathon with TicketVisualizer.

With Isha Van Baar, Emma Ström, Samia Khalid
My Role UX Designer, Developer
Techniques Rapid Prototyping, Visualization PIpeline
Tools JavaScript, D3Js, JSON, HTML

Tickets In-and-Out

We had decided to focus on communication between departments. Tele2 has a ticket system: departments file a ticket for each other. But from the giant spreadsheet it was nearly impossible for a Tele2 manager to get an overview of the tickets:

Who communicates with who? More concretely: which department issues and receives what tickets?

Our solution is TicketVisualizer. It shows an overview of (fictional) released tickets between all 94 departments of Tele2. We used a D3JS visualization called Hierarchical Edge Bundling, which seems a perfect fit for communicative data.

Try out the prototype

How Useful Is This Tool?

TicketVisualizer is only a rough prototype. It is based on fictional JSON data, and the filtering of tickets is under development. It is not difficult however to feed D3JS a real dataset. Our solution is quite powerful. It can instantly show 5 data dimensions (issuer, receiver, type, data, status). In the future Tele2 could extend TicketVisualizer to become a live broadcast of all released tickets up to now, analyse patterns, and solve communication problems.

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Project Datasheet

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Applied Skills






Project Date
March 2015
Royal Institute Of Technology (KTH),
Information Visualization Module.