This project investigates the design of a reprogrammable device in the context of home environments based on the familiar concept of a remote control.

It aims at investigating the influence of configurability over the attractiveness and functional value of IoT products for the mass users in such environments by inroducing a novel design of a portable tool containing a touchscreen that can interact with IoT devices, such as lights, and that allows users to reconfigure and personalize it according to individual needs.

A series of semi-structured interviews and observations were carried out with ten participants which helped identifying the individual aspects of users’ interaction with IoT devices in a home environment, as well as their opinion on devices configurability and customization.

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Project Datasheet

  • home automation
  • IoT
  • user-centred design
  • ambient-displays
  • customization
Applied Skills

User Research


Physical prototyping

User testing

Android Coding

Arduino Coding

Project Date
May-Sept 2016
University College London (UCL),
Design Practice Module.